Cologne Saxophone Quintet

© Foto: Reiner Witzel



Die Musiker des "Cologne Saxophone Quintet" spielen bereits seit ihrem Studium an der Kölner Musikhochschule zusammen. Statt auf bestehende Literatur zurück zu greifen, haben sie von Beginn an ihr Repertoire selbst arrangiert und so eine eigene musikalische Sprache für das Ensemble geschaffen. Diese ist trotz der rein klassischen Holzbläserbesetzung stark von Jazz und Pop beeinflusst. Die fünf Multi-Instrumentalisten verwenden dabei neben verschiedenen Saxophonen auch Klarinetten, Bassklarinetten, Flöten und das Kontrabass-Saxophon "Tubax". Die Arrangements des Quintetts gehören mittlerweile weltweit zum Repertoire vieler Saxophon-Ensembles.

Die Preisträger des Yamaha Sax Contest 2003, die bei der Verleihung des Deutschen Medienpreises auch schon mit Bill Clinton zusammen gespielt haben, können auf zahlreiche Konzerte und Festivalauftritte, u.a. in der Schweiz und den USA, zurückblicken.

2005 erschien bei Neuklang die CD "YO! – featuring Bob Mintzer", die zum Teil in New York aufgenommen wurde. Darauf sind acht Titel mit Gaststar Bob Mintzer am Tenorsaxophon zu hören.


Alexander Reffgen | Baritonsax, Tubax, Bassklarinette
François de Ribaupierre | Tenorsax, Klarinette, Altklarinette, Bassklarinette
Gerit von Stockhausen | Altsax, Tenorsax, Klarinette, Flöte
André Cimiotti | Altsax, Sopransax, Klarinette, Flöte
Reiner Witzel | Altsax, Klarinette (seit 2010)
Christian Torkewitz | Tenorsax, Sopraninosax, Flöte (bis 2010, inkl. CD "YO!")

YO! - featuring Bob Mintzer

"Our first album introduces the music of the Cologne Saxophone Quintet from its beginning in 1996 up to the present. The 17 songs we arranged during that time show a variety of different styles, grooves and moods we’ve been working on.

We started this CD project in May 2003, when we had the great opportunity to record some pieces with Bob Mintzer at 39th Street Music in New York City. In July 2004 we all met again to complete our work at the Bauer Studios in Ludwigsburg. We’re glad to feature Bob for the songs on this album. His playing fits perfectly to our music and brings an extra thrill to it – we love it! Thanks a lot, Bob!

The rest of the numbers represent the pure sound of the quintet and introduces all the members of the group in special solo parts. Beside the regular saxophone quintet instrumentation with two altos, two tenors and baritone you can also hear a lot other woodwinds: clarinets, bass clarinets, flutes, the sopranino saxophone and the tubax (a new Eb-contrabass saxophone developed by Benedikt Eppelsheim). This horn plays beautifully and funky and is a great addition to the quintet. Thanks a lot Benedikt for your support!

We would also like to thank Philipp Heck and Eva Bauer-Oppeland at the Bauer Studios for their great work and efforts in this project, Joe Ford at 39th Street Music for realizing the New York recordings so spontaneously, quickly and well, Dr. Jennifer Barker for her fantastic and indefatigable help during the USA tour as well as our parents and families."

The Cologne Saxophone Quintet (2005)

"The music you are about to hear on this cd is quite something. It swings with a jazz and R&B sensibility while acknowledging the more classical saxophone ensemble approach. The arrangements are extremely smart, and very hip! And the playing… well, put it this way: I never missed the drummer. These guys play with the momentum of a world class rhythm section. The only difference is they don’t need one. It was easy and inspiring to solo with the saxophone ensemble providing the accompainment. I’m sure you will have a good time checking this music out."

Bob Mintzer (2005)

Demo tracks

Tracks: 01 YO! / 02 Recorda Me / 03 La Mesha / 04 The Magnificent Seven / 05 Round Midnight / 06 Wasting My Time / 07 Sie Sieht Mich Nicht / 08 El Manisero / 09 Pick Up The Pieces / 10 Blues For Woodwinds / 11 Save The Best For Last / 12 Mis En Bouteille Au Château / 13 Forrest Gump / 14 And When The Angels Sing / 15 Dolphin Dance / 16 I Feel Good / 17 Fragile

01/04/06/07/09/11/13/14/16/17 arranged by André Cimiotti
02/03/05/10/12/15 arranged by François de Ribaupierre
08 arranged by Christian Torkewitz