André Cimiotti

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Yamaha Custom Z Saxophones

  • YSS-82Z Soprano
  • YAS-82ZS/E1S Alto (silver plated)
  • YTS-82ZS/E1S Tenor (silver plated)

Many thanks to Yamaha for the support!

André Cimiotti is a Yamaha Artist.

Drake Mouthpieces

Drake Mouthpieces

  • New Era Soprano .062"
  • Phil Woods Alto Master Series 5/6
  • Studio Jazz Metal Alto 24K 7
  • Jerry Bergonzi EB Tenor Master Series 7*
  • Stubbie Metal Tenor 24K 7**

Many thanks to Aaron Drake!

D'Addario Woodwinds

D'Addario Reeds

  • Jazz Select Unfiled 3S/3M/3H (saxophone reeds)
  • Reserve Evolution 3.5 (clarinet reeds)
  • Reserve Evolution EV10E (clarinet mouthpiece)
  • Reserve 3.0+ (bass clarinet reeds)

Many thanks to D'Addario!

I use the following microphones:

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